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Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

Many dental patients do not understand why their dentist recommends a root canal procedure. These patients are likely scared and want to avoid anything related to a root canal.

The bad news is a dentist only recommends a root canal when it is necessary. A root canal is required if the root has suffered so much damage that an alternative procedure will not solve problem. Short of a root canal, the only option is to extract the tooth. The best way to avoid a root canal procedure is to have a careful and consistent dental hygienic plan.

What Causes a Tooth to Need a Root Canal?

Many things can cause a person to need a root canal, but the most common is lack of proper dental care. An avid candy lover may have a sweet tooth and forget to take the time to rinse the sugars out. Worse, some people maintain poor health and lack proper nutritional habits. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can destroy all parts of the teeth.

A root canal may also be necessary because of a person’s genetic makeup. Unfortunately, people who vigorously perform hygienic rituals may still find their teeth have deteriorated.

Signs That You May Need a Root Canal

A sign you may need a root canal may first appear as a throbbing pain around the tooth, signaling something is wrong. The pain usually progresses and worsens unless a dentist is seen for assistance. As a Studio City dentist, we want to make sure the area is served to stop pain as soon as it arises.

In the case of a patient with throbbing mouth pain, we may recommend a small procedure such as a filling during this first stage of this pain. A root canal is usually suggested if the mouth and tooth pain persists, or if a filling is too large for the tooth cavity. Please call us for recommendations if you develop these symptoms.

Preventing a Root Canal

Dental patients can do their part to prevent root canals by brushing and flossing their teeth twice daily, taking vitamins and minerals, and drinking eight glasses of water a day to maintain hydration and decrease bacteria.

And, of course, make an appointment to see a dentist right away!

Foods That Won’t Break Your Teeth

A toothache is enough to completely ruin your day. That’s because these tooth pains you’re experiencing leave your mouth feeling sensitive and irritated. When you need some soft, tooth-friendly foods to carry you through until you are able to see your dentist, try these options:

1. Baked Potatoes

If you’re suffering from some kind of tooth problem, a baked potato is one of the best foods you can eat. That’s because a baked potato is packed with a soft and smooth filling that won’t hurt your tender teeth. You can even add some cheese or spices to get more interesting flavors.

2. Cheese

When you’re experiencing problems with your teeth, you want to stay far away from hard, sticky, and overly-sugary foods. That’s why cheese is so perfect. It’s not only very soft and tasty, but it also protects your enamel. Plus, cheese comes in a variety of types so there’s bound to be a kind for every food palette.

3. Ice Cream

Ice cream is also ideal if you are experiencing a toothache because it does not require any chewing. Instead, it is creamy and soft, so it goes down easily. In fact, ice cream is even said to relieve toothaches.

4. Yogurt

Yogurt is another food people tend to eat when they are suffering from a toothache. Like ice cream, it doesn’t require chewing, since it’s totally smooth. As an added benefit, Greek yogurt is packed with protein and is filling, so you won’t have to worry about getting hungry again soon.

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