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Periodontal Disease Causes & Care

Periodontal Disease is commonly known as gum disease and generally occurs from sporadic or non-existent mouth care.

Brushing and flossing together remove plaque build-up that happens naturally. The plaque occurs from mouth bacteria that accumulates during the day. Food and drink especially foster plaque.

Gums can become swollen as bacteria forms in the mouth. This can cause a variety of issues. Chewing can become difficult or hurt. The gums may bleed or constant bad breath can plague the affected mouth. Teeth may eventually even loosen because of the swollen gums.

These symptoms are scary, but luckily they can be prevented. Outside of daily brushing and flossing, it is important to go to the dentist. Seeing a professional for a cleaning is important because spots are often missed during a personal cleaning.

Lifestyle choices put a person in greater risk of periodontal disease. Smoking dries the mouth and creates extra bacteria. Also, hormonal changes from pregnancy or other bodily adaptations may have an effect. Finally, diseases such as diabetes can lead to periodontitis. Taking extra care under these circumstances can prevent periodontal disease.

If things get very serious, bone loss may start to occur. X-rays will detect this bone loss. If bone loss occurs, your dentist can work with you to improve lifestyle and prevent further degradation.

It is important to recognize symptoms of common dental problems before they escalate to a painful disease. According to a study from the American Academy of Periodontology, nearly one in two adults in the United States suffers from periodontal disease.

To manage this trend, Studio City Dental Center is extending periodontitis checks to new and existing patients. With the proper preventative care, you can take every measure to prevent widespread implants or dentures in Studio City. Contact us at Studio City Dental Center for help.

If you are interested in a periodontal check, call today to make an appointment.

Improved Smiles with Cosmetic Veneers

Teeth are important, and proper care of them is not just a luxury for Hollywood movie stars. Studio City Dental Center offers a helpful procedure for your dental care in or near Los Angeles.

Cosmetic veneering is a process in which a thin but strong substance is placed on a tooth. Porcelain veneers have now become a more convenient treatment. Until recently, this procedure was prohibitively expensive, and was only available in high-end dentistry.

Now veneers are becoming available to anyone who needs it. As the technology and usage has advanced, it has become more affordable.

While important cosmetically, veneers are useful for more than just shining up dull teeth. In fact, including appearance, this procedure is valuable for at least three reasons.

Firstly, the veneer can improve the appearance of your teeth. White teeth are attractive, appealing, and clean. A pleasant smile builds self-esteem, confidence, and reciprocating smiles.

Whether health issues, environmental effects, or food stains have given teeth discoloration, veneers will bring light to a smiling face.

Second, applied veneers can strengthen teeth that have structural weaknesses. Teeth can become weak due to genetics, difficulties with dental care, or exposure to harmful materials.

Any such weakness can be strengthened through proper application of veneers. Strong teeth will improve general health, and lead to improved quality of life. Teeth are always deteriorating and the results of a fresh and healthy smile can be amazing.

Third, dental damage can be repaired through the use of dental veneers. Teeth that have been cracked or damaged from decay, an injury, or surgery can be made to look brand new with veneers. Repaired teeth are more useful, attractive, and healthy.

It is now possible for almost anyone to get porcelain veneers in Los Angeles. Improve your appearance and dental health by investigating this option. To find out more information, contact Studio City Dental Center today!

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