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Nothing ruins a smile more than the noticeable presence of gaps where teeth used to be. In fact, the gaps caused by missing teeth can ruin far more than just a smile. With missing teeth, tasks such as properly speaking and chewing often become far more difficult than they ought to be. Even worse, missing teeth can cause the remaining teeth to shift and become misaligned. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix for this problem.

Dental bridges, as the name suggests, function to fill in the gaps caused by missing teeth as cosmetic dental implants. Dental bridges consist of a crown on each side of the gap and replacement teeth called pontics to fill the gap. There are three common types of dental bridges: traditional bridges, cantilever bridges, and Maryland bonded bridges. Traditional bridges are the most common form of bridge, and consist of a crown placed on each tooth adjacent to the gap and pontics to fill the gap. Traditional bridges are either made of a combination of porcelain and metal or porcelain and ceramics. Cantilever bridges are the bridges placed when only one side of a gap has teeth next to it. Maryland bonded bridges consist of pontics that are attached to the adjacent teeth of the gap via metal wings on either side of the bridge.

The implementation of dental bridges is a two-step procedure. During a patient’s first visit to Studio City Dental Center, the teeth on either side of the gap will be prepared for the insertion of the bridge. This often involves the removal of some enamel in order to make room for the crown that will be inserted over the tooth as an anchor for the bridge. After the teeth are prepared, impressions will be made of the teeth. These impressions will serve as a model for the construction of the bridge. The patient will often be given a temporary bridge to wear as protection for the exposed teeth and gums until the permanent bridge is finished. During the second visit, the temporary bridge will be removed and the new bridge will be inserted. Once it is certain that the bridge fits properly, the bridge will then be fixed into place.

If you have missing teeth and are looking solution, don’t hesitate to contact Studio City Dental Center and make a dental appointment with Dr. Zareh Kouyoumdjian. Dr. K’s expertise in dental implant dentistry and other forms of cosmetic dentistry can help you achieve the satisfaction and peace of mind that comes with replacing your missing teeth.


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