Partials in Studio City

Partials, or partial dentures, are used when a patient has some teeth remaining in the part of the mouth that requires a denture. These dentures not only fill in the gaps left by the absence of teeth, but also prevent other teeth from shifting. If you have an area in your mouth that is mostly, but not entirely missing teeth, then partial dentures might be the perfect solution.

The process of acquiring partials consists of several steps. A patient will first have to come in so that every single aspect of their jaw can be easured and an impression can be made. Once these impressions are taken, faux partial dentures that are the exact shape of the mold will be constructed so that the patient can try out these specifications for comfort and fit. Once a patient has found a mold that perfectly fits, permanent dentures will be constructed from the mold. The entire process takes a few weeks to complete. Partials can be a pretty easy solution for people who want a removable means to improve their smile. If you are at all interested in exploring the option of getting dentures, please contact Studio City Dental Center and schedule an appointment with Dr. K.

Our office can design partial dentures depending on a patient’s needs. They are made to attach to natural teeth with precision attachments, which are generally preferable to clasps. In some cases, crowns are also recommended to aid the fitting of the partials. In no time at all, patients adapt to the new teeth in their mouths.

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