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Are your teeth noticeably stained? Do teeth whitening dental products seem to have a limited effect? If this is the case, then veneers might be the solution to your problems. Veneers are incredibly thin shells that are custom made to cover the surface of a patient’s teeth in order to improve appearance.They are tooth-colored, and composed of either porcelain or resin. Porcelain veneers in Studio City are more durable and look more realistic, but are also difficult to insert. Resin veneers are less effective than porcelain ones, but require far less of a tooth’s surface to be removed prior to installation. Veneers are used to improve the appearance of a wide range of flaws, such as discolored teeth, worn down teeth, chipped teeth, broken teeth, misaligned teeth, irregularly shaped teeth, and teeth separated by gaps.

At Studio City Dental Center, getting veneers is a three-step process. First, potential patients must come into the office for a consultation session, during which we ascertain whether or not veneers are the best option in that circumstance. This session will likely involve dental x-rays and other basic inspections. Once it has been confirmed that veneers will be installed, the patient must come in again for preparatory treatment. This treatment largely consists of removing the enamel that is to be replaced by a veneer. This generally means that about half a millimeter of enamel will be removed from the surface of the tooth. Once this is done, impressions of the teeth are taken and sent to a dental laboratory at which veneers are constructed. It usually takes a week or two for us to receive the completed veneers. During the time, the patient can wear temporary veneers if they desire.

Once Studio City Dental Center receives the completed veneers from the lab, the patient will return for the third part of the veneer installation process. Before the dentist permanently attaches the veneer your tooth, the veneer will be examined to ensure that it the correct color and shape for your teeth. The veneer will be trimmed if need be. Each tooth is then cleaned and polished in order to prepare for veneer attachment. Once the veneers bond to the teeth, all excess adhesive is removed and the final results are evaluated. Patients may return for a few follow up appointments over the next few weeks in order to monitor the veneers’ position and the gums’ reaction to the veneer installation.

If you are suffering from a visibly poor dental appearance due to any of the aforementioned issues, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. K at Studio City Dental Center to set up a consultation appointment over the prospect of getting veneers. In this day and age, there’s no reason to let poor dental appearance prevent you from achieving what you want to achieve.

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